Wednesday, April 3, 2019


This site is designed to expose the state of New Hampshire's hopelessly misguided mission to crack down on the illegal marijuana trade. As opiates and heroin/fentanyl in particular continue to devastate New Hampshire communities and result in a spate of fatal overdoses, the amount of attention, money and time the NH Attorney General's drug task force is spending on marijuana investigations is troubling.

County Attorney Andrew Livernois happens to be the town lawyer involved in the last civil case where the Drug Task Force itself was sued for being overzealous in their efforts to destroy a local business and ruin the reputation of the property owner. Livernois represented the town of Gilford (also sued by the property owner) and sat in on depositions of key witnesses that laid the scandal bare. Town representatives and the DTF itself clearly made efforts to make sure the business would never open again after the DTF's work to expose drug sales at the establishment and multiple other agencies being invited in on what should have been a focused, narrowly targeted warrant to be executed in a professional manner by DTF agents only. Instead, liquor commission members were invited. The code inspector was there. Town selectmen were there. It turned into a real "raiding party" and the Town of Gilford settled out of court to "buy peace."

Much of the cannabis product for sale on New Hampshire's streets is medical grade and legally sold in states that allow for recreational use of this federally controlled drug. Some of it comes from as far as California. All three US states bordering New Hampshire have recreational use laws for marijuana, but New Hampshire (thanks to our out-of-touch governor) remains steeled against any change beyond decriminalizing possession of 3/4 of an ounce.

The video above explains what happens when police officers have a crisis of conscience and realize the people they are busting for marijuana are actually decent human beings who deserve much better treatment.

As this site develops, it will focus on how New Hampshire is a truly backward state when it comes to pushing even the most ridiculously flawed and tainted marijuana cases, like one the author of this site faced himself. Stay tuned.