Monday, April 12, 2021

Motion to Recuse Judge James D. O'Neill III Officially Filed


A motion to recuse Judge James O'Neill III from my case is now my last shot to try to gain equal footing with the prosecution. The motion lays out my reasoning for asking Judge O'Neill to step down. Hs bias permeates the case and makes it impossible to proceed without getting him removed from the case. 

Please reach out to me at if you've also had problems with Judge O'Neill. I am preparing a report to send to the NH Judicial Conduct Committee. It is not enough that Judge James D. O'Neill III is only prevented from ruling in my case. He should be removed from the bench for his "look the other way" mentality when it comes to prosecutorial misconduct. 

If you've been before Judge O'Neill recently (in the past year), please fill out this Survey to let his superiors know how he's really performing his duties: