Monday, June 10, 2019


The officer you see above (bearded during undercover operations)  has no problem turning honest, hard working people into felons based on false information. He misrepresented my criminal record in my case to get his arrest warrant and never bothered to do any preliminary investigation to see if I was pre-disposed to sell marijuana. The judge on the case thought it was sufficient that Belknap County Attorney Andrew Livernois simply mentioned the fact that I really had no convictions whatsoever on my record at the arraignment. This was despite the fact that multiple agents of the NH Attorney General's office signed off on a warrant and an entire investigation that was based on statements containing false information that any one of them could have checked and verified for themselves. 

Everyone in the chain of command just took Beaulieu's word that I had multiple convictions instead of bare charges that were not in any way related to drugs of any kind. Beaulieu didn't even know how to use the computer system and check a criminal record, did no real preliminary investigation or surveillance to determine if I was any kind of drug dealer, and admitted to "cold" texting me to see if I would sell him marijuana. My final text to Beaulieu was "YOU ARE A FUCKING LIAR!" He offered no response or defense. 

This man's lies ruined my life after he pretended to befriend me and then his "real" friends in the NH DTF tried to turn me against someone capable of killing me if he was facing a lifetime in prison. I also discovered leaks in my case, and I was never the real target. Law enforcement officials from two different agencies were feeding the real target information. 

I did my best to highlight the major issues in my case, but the judge refused to acknowledge the real facts after my extremely detailed motion to dismiss sat on the docket after the hearing "under advisement" for over a month. The judge waited for the case to wind up being an indictment, even though I filed my motion days after my arraignment. My name has been relentlessly dragged through the mud based on lies that Officer Jared Beaulieu told to initiate this investigation. 

The judge also made not one mention in his order of my fear for my life and the fact that the County Attorney said he could meet with a lawyer right away if I had one but not with me if I was self represented. I could not meet with him, he said, until I made an appearance in the court. My concerns for meeting with him had nothing to do with wanting consideration on my case, it was an urgent request related to my safety, and Andrew Livernois did nothing but stonewall my efforts to report the leaks to other law enforcement agencies. He insisted he could meet with me after the arraignment, but that was too late. He'd already betrayed my trust ten times over by that time. 

I tried to seek the earliest possible relief through the best possible method to dispatch the case on the merits of my argument. It was actually a method the judge suggested to me in open court only to shoot it down later when he had the facts to support a full dismissal. The bottom line is I never should have been arraigned. The case is that flawed, and it all started with this irresponsible and reckless officer making the decision to set me up for six special felonies when he found me on the side of the road stuck in a snowbank and pretended to try to help. 

How about you help out with real crime, Jared? How about you help apprehend real criminals you actually investigate before you randomly find them down on their luck and coerce them into breaking the law to support a lost cause? How about you target the drugs that are killing people, not the ones getting approved in one state after another for recreational use?   

New Hampshire needs to stop devoting so much time, energy and money to cases like mine that are doomed from the start because some young, gung-ho cop makes a rookie mistake that ruins an honest man's life. Nothing is gained either here, not one iota of progress toward any stated mission of the NH Atorney General's Task Force. It's a waste, a fraud on the court, and a ridiculous game being played at the expense of my future. They want to put me in jail for up to 20+ years for allegedly selling less than a half pound of weed. This wouldn't be happening without me refusing to cooperate with the same law enforcement agency that decided it was a good idea to set me up and then immediately tried to fry me because I didn't cooperate. 

Somehow the State of New Hampshire's backward legal system cannot see the forest through the trees. They can't see how it is just outright wrong and fundamentally a violation of due process to put someone with no criminal record into this entrapment scheme when the whole investigation is compromised from the start by leaks supporting the target. Then when he does not want to cooperate with a compromised investigation, the book is thrown right at him. It defies logic, but the judge on this case seems to think this is the normal mode of operation for law enforcement and there is nothing that rises to the level of misconduct here. 

New Hampshire's judicial system will keep protecting liars like Jared Beaulieu and their illegitimate investigations until someone finally recognizes that putting innocent people through ordeals like mine simply cannot be tolerated in a free society based on fairness and justice. The effort to educate the masses starts here. Please like and share this post, and please leave comments, even if just to say, "keep fighting!"

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