Thursday, June 27, 2019

Where are Your Taxes Going? The Cost of Arresting the Wrong Guy

Imagine you are stranded on the side of a busy road, just far enough off the shoulder to not be in the way of any traffic. First, a police officer stops and talks to you. You have help coming but he keeps insisting you get a wrecker. You tell him you can't afford that. The next people who stop say they'd love to help but they don't have any chains. They have a nice truck though, and they claim to be loggers after you tell them that's what you do. They look the part, beards and flannel jackets, so it makes sense.

So, this all happened to me last winter. I gave these two fellow "loggers" business cards and tell them if they ever need firewood customers in their area (outside my range) I would refer the outliers to them.

Finally the third time is the charm. One selfless hero in a lifted old POS truck comes along and parks right in the middle of the road after the police officer left me to deal with another incident. Only one impatient A-hole decides to lay on the horn but eventually drives around. The random stranger throws one end of a chain to me and it's around an anchor point on my vehicle in 2 minutes. He connects the other end to his truck and I drive right out of that ditch with ease. I give him a business card and get a random text a couple weeks later from a guy I think is him. It's not, and it turns out to be one of the guys who didn't have chains.

Next thing you know, despite having not a single criminal conviction on my record, I wind up being set up for 6 Special Felonies for allegedly selling less than a half pound of marijuana over 6 different occasions. Then I find out it's all been designed to infiltrate the operation of someone they think I will give up on a silver platter. I don't cooperate once they arrest me a month after the last transaction. Then I find out the real target has two leaks in law enforcement. One is in the Sheriff's Office and the other is right in the Drug Task Force itself. So, now I'm the target, framed as being a drug dealer who should spend over 20 years in prison for a set of crimes the government manufactured against me without doing any investigation into my background.

Your tax dollars paid for a massive investigation that produced zero results. You employed multiple law enforcement agents to waste their time on an investigation that was always doomed from the start due to pervasive leaks within their own ranks. You paid for these officers to purchase these "drugs," have them shipped to a lab and tested by paid professional experts, and put into evidence in the form of written statements confirming that it was pure Cannabis, a plant that is changing the face of medicine and legal in half the country as a recreational product.

Before this "investigation" even started, Officer Jared Beaulieu lied about my record in a sworn affidavit. You would think he would be up on perjury charges or at least be subject to my cross examination and be asked to explain how this lie made it onto the court's official paperwork presented at arraignment. Beaulieu insisted the record showed I had two convictions on my record, one in the state of New Hampshire that was ACTUALLY an acquittal for an assault that occurred because a former business partner stole my wood splitter.

The judge in the assault case ruled that I had the right to use "reasonable force" to retrieve stolen property. There are zero convictions on my criminal record. I have never spent more than an overnight stint in jail for youthful indiscretions that had NOTHING TO DO WITH DRUGS. It is entrapment all the way, and YOU will be paying for the trial in August if you let the madness continue. The reputations of the leakers and the officers who turned a blind eye to them will be raked across the coals. The system will be crucified, as it should be for building and sustaining and then capitalizing on a ridiculous amount of tainted, wasted evidence to prosecute meaningless crimes and ruin an honorable man who contributes positively to his community. Meanwhile people die every day of overdoses from much harder, much more dangerous drugs.

NH taxpayers need to stop paying for this madness and to tell the county attorney to stop wasting so many of his resources on prosecuting people that never should have been set up in the first place. Call Belknap County Attorney Andrew Livernois at 603-527-5440 or email him at: and tell him to stop wasting your tax dollars on good people like me and start cleaning up the Opioid crisis.

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