Thursday, March 11, 2021

Judge O'Neill Strikes Down Sanctions Again, Looks the Other Way on Prosecutor Misconduct and Clings to Technicalities

     Judge James D. O'Neill III has no time for holding prosecutors accountable for rules of attorney conduct. His latest ruling on my most recent sanctions motion is simply a case study in cronyism. This is how you toe the political line as a state-loving judge. This is how you prove you're unfit for the bench. Rulings like this make you wonder how Judge O'Neill even got a hold of a gavel in the first place. It's a good thing there are archives out there with gems like this story about how very lucky Judge James was to get his robe in the first place:

The most compelling paragraph of that piece is this one:

"The bar went ahead with its evaluation and, in a letter to Sununu, Tober wrote that many lawyers had described O'Neill as "demeaning" and "intimidating," and that the association's board of governors "could find no evidence of the requisite fairness and respect . . . that are the hallmarks of our courts.""

It only took a little bit of digging around and asking the right people questions to also secure this confirmatory report: 

Politics trumped logic and experience when it came to this judge's appointment. Politics are still influencing Judge O'Neill's decisions to this day. He won't do anything about attorneys who lie and misrepresent the law, because he's actively misrepresenting himself as a competent, unbiased judge. He didn't respect the rules of the game to get where he is, so why would he hold prosecutors to any code of conduct? 

I suppose I need to cater to this judge's appetite for technicalities. I'm sure I can think of a few technicalities that could lead to a dismissal. At the very least, more people should be aware of his history in this county. They don't call him "No Deal" O'Neill for nothing. 

If you've appeared before Judge O'Neill recently, take some time to fill out this survey: 


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